A new community in Romania

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1, 2, 3… HURRY! THE NEW COMMUNITY OF THE SISTERS OF PROVIDENCE IN ROMANIA HAS BEEN OPENED. On October 5, 2022, Sr. Monica and Sr. Rosetta arrived in Reşiƫa, a beautiful city in southwestern Romania.

A city built around the great German steelworks opened in the late 1700s, and with a strong presence of German, Hungarian, Croatian and Romanian-speaking citizens. A multicultural city, with strong Christian roots, where the sisters will be able to bear witness to Christ among the people.

The Charisma of San Luigi Scrosoppi sprouts in Resita

It has only been a month since we arrived in Resita and we feel like we have always been here. From the very first days of our arrival we tried to offer our help in an after-school center called: “I Children of Jesus ". These need not only support school, but also of moral and emotional support and above all they need to feel welcomed and loved for who they are. In addition, for three weeks we have started catechesis for children and First Communion and Confirmation teenagers. We try to offer the our presence among the people of the parish. With them we pray, we participate in various kinds of initiatives. Everything we are and do we give with a lot of love, immense joy and enthusiasm. All for Jesus, he sent us here to show the people we meet that he loves them with an infinite love.