The garden of a thousand flowers, a place to give hope to children in difficulty

"Let's turn mirrors into windows" educating hearts to kindness and hands to welcome.

The education service focuses on the reception, care, education and accompaniment needs of children in special need. Our support is intended to meet the needs of families who live in a dramatic situation of subsistence and are unable to provide for the material and educational needs of their children.

Project code


Accompanying service for educational activities, teachers and family support.

Our project aims to improve the attitude and create hope in children from precarious and poor conditions by assisting them on a material level and designing with them a basic education and family planning. In order to achieve this, we need financial support to improve our professional, educational and food aid for the children.

The purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

'... Educating is like sowing: the fruit is not guaranteed and is not immediate, but if you do not sow it is certain that there will be no harvest. Education is the great engine for the personal development of each child, which is why making our school increasingly qualified is the DREAM that allows us to always "dare".'

This project is temporarily on standby due to the critical condition due to the pandemic.