Prevention for new mothers and children of Salmanpara

In every moment at the service of life, because respect for life is always our priority.

Health is the complete and harmonious union of soul, mind and body; it is not a difficult ideal to achieve, but something easy and natural that many sometimes overlook.

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In Salmanpara, through the dispensary, a special intervention project was implemented at the time of childbirth to save mothers and children. The staff with an ambulance serving the population also moves to the most distant villages to lead future mothers to health facilities that will be able to help them in the most important and delicate moment of their life; in addition, a campaign for the prevention and treatment of malaria, a very widespread disease in the area, is continuously organized.

Whoever educates a child educates a man, whoever educates a woman educates a people. (African proverb)

We also want to develop a training course aimed at village women who do not have adequate knowledge of medical science and sometimes consider it contrary to their beliefs: for this reason they often do not want to go to hospital, much less at the time of childbirth. This is an important job, to provide the populations with the best possible knowledge, and ultimately to be able to save as many lives as possible.

Health is a right, fighting for its respect is a duty.

A key role in our structure is the intervention of operators in villages and communities, guaranteeing mothers and children visits, vaccines, screening for malnutrition, promoting good practices and a culture of prevention. In our villages, something is always missing, but what is never lacking is the desire to make things work and to create the conditions for a better future." This obstinacy makes us believe that no matter how great the effort is or how arduous the road to reach those in need, there will always be someone, ready to pick up one end of the thread to enter into a relationship with the other and lend a hand to create. future.

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