The house of "HOPE"

Education is the passport to the future: tomorrow belongs to those who are preparing to face it today.

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Educating is not "clearing jungles", but "irrigating deserts".

In the rural mountain areas there is a very low level of education. Families live in precarious conditions and do not have the necessary resources to help their children to give continuity to their schooling, especially in this difficult moment due to the situation of civil war in the country
The habit of producing opium and alcohol, of letting the children take care of themselves leads inexorably the youth towards a strong degradation. Furthermore, the growing number of girls in need of education has prompted us to demolish the old and small house in order to accommodate a larger number of girls in need of care and education.
These are the reasons why we have decided to welcome teenage girls and give them the opportunity to study and prepare for a future.

True education replaces an empty mind with an open one.

The purpose of the house is to welcome about sixty girls to give them the opportunity to study and prepare for a healthy future. Taunggyi is an important city, it offers decent study opportunities. The girls come from villages located in mountainous areas where social contexts are poor and closed and where there are generally no schools.

The works are progressing well. The brick walls of the entire building are almost finished. Work on the roof has also begun and is well underway. It can be said that the construction work is about two thirds completed. Due to the difficult political situation in the country, we hope to be able to finish the house by the year 2021

By teaching, we do not offer young cut flowers, rather we teach them to grow their own bulbs.

Education is fundamental but today our first goal is to give girls a decent home to face their daily lives with more passion, joy and courage. Youth is a time of ascent, so we want to accompany them to take the right path for them tomorrow. " Effort and hard work build a bridge between dreams and reality.
The vast majority of farmers who grow opium poppy in Shan State see the cultivation as a means of alleviating poverty, a survival strategy for the poorest families to cope with the risks posed by the commercialization of agriculture and by predatory local authorities.
Best-intentioned, but de-politicized, rural development and anti-drug trafficking strategies will continue to fail unless decision makers understand that opium cultivation is a consequence of both "development" poverty and shortage. of development.
Great poverty keeps a population closed; this situation which maintains a very low level of education and does not help young people to build a better future."