India: double support for Kumarganj

Project code


The project in support of health

With this project we help children, women, especially widows, families in difficulty and the elderly guests of the Care Center.
We want to respond to health emergencies through concrete actions by offering health care capable of responding to people's needs for care without excluding the poorest who are often discarded and marginalized.
To do this, with our project we try to assist and treat those in need of care by having a particular look at widows who are often marginalized.
Currently the dispensary is functioning but it suffers a certain slowdown in terms of treatments and medicines due to economic difficulties.

Poverty, lack of prevention and lack of nearby hospitals are the main criticality of the place.
With our project we will have the opportunity to pay medical staff, buy medicines and purchase medical devices and equipment that will allow the current health facility to be transformed into a treatment center.

A cutting-and-sewing center: offering job opportunities to young people

The second part of the project is aimed at young people, especially girls
The lack of work and the high unemployment rate of young people is the problem we would like to try to solve.
Through Skill development in cutting / sewing, we want to give young women the opportunity to learn a trade and thus have a job that allows them to hope for a better future.

So far we have managed to reopen the cutting / sewing center which has been closed for a few years due to lack of financial resources.
With your help we want to guarantee a monthly salary to the cutting / sewing teacher and compare the material necessary for the operation of the Center.

The figure of 1200 euros could be a figure necessary for the resumption of the good functioning of the Center.