Learning a trade for a hopeful future

Our territorial experience and our commitment to sustainability and autonomy for young people in the Ivory Coast.

Our gaze also turned to young people. Give them back their dignity, future prospects, work occupations through organized centers for literacy and professional teaching: sewing, weaving, dyeing and painting on fabric. PROVIDENCE stimulates us to be creative, in giving concrete answers by taking charge of their needs and their dreams.

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We accompany the path of young people through training aimed at job placement

It takes courage, generosity and confidence in PROVIDENCE. Thus CHARITY allows us to intervene in every life project of young people to support their development process in the educational, social and professional fields through welcome, education and training courses. In practice, it is offering a helping hand during this process, so that everyone becomes the architect of their own future.

Let us rekindle hope in the hearts of our young people

Taking care means taking charge, making a commitment to carry out this innovative project. It means giving more and more "life" to this activity, through specific professional means and resources. PROVIDENCE will help us find new market paths to be able to sell the textile products made. Young people aspire to have a safer job, they cannot be disappointed! A THANK YOU to those who read and offer their HAND!