Education is a matter of the heart

Renovation project of the existing building for inclusive education in secondary school (Liceo Rosa Mística)

Project code


Refurbishment of the existing building to encourage and prepare the educational inclusion of adolescents.


With this project we want to achieve the goal of guaranteeing the right and access to education of adolescents, offering an educational opportunity also to children who are excluded from society to support and defend the equality of educational opportunities and enhancement differences.
A space that favors inclusive education.
Currently, most of the pupils attending our educational mission in primary school are children with Special Educational Needs. With this project we want to give continuity to the education of these children since at the end of primary education they do not have other effective spaces and places to welcome them to complete their educational path.
The first step to reach our goal is the restructuring of the environment in order to be able to respond to the individual differences of the students, providing a welcoming, safe and pleasant place, favoring their freedom and autonomy.

What does the future ask of us?

The building dates back to 1954, therefore old, used over time for various activities of the congregation. It consists of two floors, each of which is distributed in two large rooms and toilets.
Uninhabited for a long time, now, to transform it into an educational facility suitable for school inclusion, it needs a complete renovation and maintenance: change of doors, windows, floors, the electrical and sanitary system and the entrance part with easy access by eliminating barriers architectural.

Our mission as a dream: to welcome educational needs and strengthen the integral development of adolescents.


We have perceived and understood the urgency of building spaces where adolescents can feel welcome and safe, promoting effective schooling, allowing them to develop their skills and potential, fostering the formation of autonomous people who allow them to function adequately in their lives working and social.
This project is a sign of hope for those who look at us with an expectant heart and also a challenge for this social context in which we want to promote the right to study, to school inclusion that is not just simple integration but offering a space with better conditions to allow all students to be welcomed and valued, ensuring them adequate training to develop their personal resources.

Trust in Providence is like the air we breathe, certain that our dream and that of our children will come true.