Healing to give life expectancy

Accompanying vulnerable families with sick children to give them a hope of life in today's reality.

We are in fact convinced that health is a right of every human being, but due to inequality not everyone has access to indispensable and urgent care due to insufficient or lack of financial resources.

Project code


“Appreciate the gift of life as a grace from God, despite this harsh reality”.


Bolivia is also experiencing the tragedy of the COVID infection and the situation urges us to find a solution in the face of the emergency faced in particular by families and age groups at risk close to us, especially sick children.

In our medical center, we address the health care service to the most vulnerable, marginalized and forgotten families with attentive attention. We want to offer a quality service to all the poor who come to our center by collaborating in their physical rehabilitation process and rekindling in them hope and love for life.
We especially welcome abandoned women with growing children and various health problems.

All for the good

The goal of the center is to continue to be an instrument of charity and a point of support for poor, low-income families, who have no possibility of looking after their children and lack the need. To carry out our service competently and improve the quality of life of families who come to us for help and support, we need health materials, drugs and tools for laboratory tests.

The purpose of our service is to accompany and care for these families, a concrete and significant work as it responds to a real need of the population in this long period of pandemic that has also affected our environment and made treatment for young patients difficult.
In addition, hospitality in our center allows you to approach many mothers and treat not only physical illnesses but also those of the soul by giving them listening, understanding, opening the heart to hope in a future to which everyone is entitled.