At the rhythm of Providence, at the service of the little ones and the poor

A project with a double program, aimed at both after-school children and the sick

Accompanied by providence, we walk safely, even taking one small step at a time. With the beginning of the school year, after-school activities revive for a group of children in need, avoiding for them both school evasion and the risk of marginalization from part of the teachers and peers.
This service sees some volunteer girls and ladies engaged in a completely free form: children need to be fed and protected because there is little or nothing in their homes to support them and make them grow.

Project code


Home sick assistance program

Seeing the great needs of the country, we have started a “Home Care Center” project, which allows us to take care of about 50 sick people, visiting and treating them regularly in their homes given the great lack of health facilities on site. The visits are always made as a team and with a great desire in the heart to serve the poor.

Listening to those who need it most.


The community carries out its mission of charity in generous service, with great simplicity and respect for each person. It has special care for children who often live immersed in real family tragedies.
But the community also supports the elderly and the sick who often experience great loneliness.
Doing good sometimes costs effort and requires sacrifice and perseverance, but the goal is always to work for others, helping those most in need.

The design idea started from the analysis of the training needs of the area and of the stakeholders. We have kept in mind, in fact, that the culture of the territory is so present in children that it determines their daily behaviors, activities, games, motivations, and aspirations: both positively and negatively. For this reason, the planned activities are imagined as a single transversal path, aimed at realizing an experience of prevention, psycho-social reintegration, community and commitment.